Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Good News!
March 30, 2011

Here are just a few of the positive economic announcements that have come my way in recent weeks: has established a new digital and screen printing operation in Albemarle County, Virginia and plans to hire 100 people.

In Evansville, Indiana, SS&C Technologies, a provider of software and related services, plans to open a new service and technology center, creating up to 500 new jobs.

SORD KY LLC, a maker of nylon products such as backpacks, belts, and military accessories, will locate a facility in Frankfort, Kentucky, creating 81 new jobs.

In Gaston County, North Carolina, REPI, a producer of liquid colors and additives, will locate a new office and create 27 new jobs. Congrats to the Gaston County Economic Development Commission.

Douglas Metal and Steel, a manufacturer of metal roofing, will expand its operation in Coffee County, Georgia and create 25 new jobs.

In Lake Charles, Louisiana, Aeroframe Services plans a major expansion at Chennault International Airport, adding 300 new jobs.

3V Incorporated, a manufacturer of specialty chemicals, has announced plans to expand its Georgetown County, South Carolina operation and create 30 new jobs.

INTACT Integrated Services, a provider of managed information technology services, has relocated its North American headquarters to Carmel, Indiana, creating 100 new jobs.

In Norfolk, Virginia, Katoen Natie, a logistics provider, will establish a warehouse and distribution operation and create 225 new jobs.

Aladdin Light Lift, a maker of motorized lifts, has announced plans to relocate its operation to Huntsville, Alabama, bringing 15 jobs to the area.

In Columbia City, Indiana, Advanced Materials Development, LLC, a maker of metal alloys, will locate a new operation and create 68 new jobs.

Celgard, LLC, a manufacturer of separators for lithium-ion batteries, will expand its plant in Concord, North Carolina.

In the City of Covington, Virginia, Continental Waste Management, LLC will establish a recycling plant, creating 100 new jobs.

In Chester County, South Carolina, Guardian Industries Corporation, a manufacturer of glass products, plans to expand its operation and create 50 new jobs.

Michelin has announced plans to expand its tire facility on Woodburn, Indiana and create 35 new jobs.

In Hopkinsville, Kentucky, Douglas Autotech Corporation, an auto industry manufacturer, has announced plans to expand and add 65 new jobs.

We receive numerous announcements each week that announce that several jobs have been “retained or created.” While retention is important, we will not use announcements that fail to define exactly how many jobs were retained and how many were created. We want specifics.

If you have jobs announcements, please send them my way.

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