Monday, April 25, 2011

Good Economic News

Here are just a few of the positive economic announcements that have come my way in recent weeks:

In Emanuel County, Georgia, Hotset, a manufacturer of industrial heating elements, will locate a new facility in Swainsboro, creating 10 new jobs.

Be Green Packaging, LLC, a manufacturer of “green” packaging products and services, has announced plans to open a manufacturing and distribution center in Jasper County, South Carolina, creating 175 new jobs.

Alabama Honda has announced plans to expand its plant in Lincoln, Alabama, adding 20 new jobs.
In Lexington, Kentucky, Allconnect, a consumer services company, will locate a call center and create 220 new jobs.

The State of Louisiana, IFG Port Holdings LLC, and Union Pacific Railroad will develop a new export grain terminal at Port of Lake Charles, creating 56 direct and indirect jobs, as well as 200 construction jobs.

Quality Pallet, a recycler of wood pallets, has announced plans to open a new location in Blackford County, Indiana, creating 10 new jobs. Congratulations to economic developer, Rob Cleveland.

CollinsCraft Corporation, a fiberglass and composites manufacturer, plans to expand its operation in Oconee County, South Carolina and hire 20 people.

In Morehead, Kentucky, Simba USA, a manufacturer of specialty towels and accessories to the golf, military, and industrial markets, will expand its operation and create 20 new jobs.

Franciscan Alliance, a health care system, will consolidate its billing operation in Greenwood, Indiana and create 84 new jobs. Congratulations to economic developer Cheryl Morphew.

In Greenville, South Carolina, Hwashin America Corporation, a manufacturer of automobile components, will expand and hire 50 new employees.

Sequa Automotive, an automotive supplier, will expand its operation in Morgantown, Kentucky and add 280 employees.

The Mobile, Alabama facility of BAE Systems Southeast Shipyard, has announced plans to add as many as 400 workers to complete construction of an oil tanker.

In Franklin County, Ohio, HealthSpot, Inc, will expand its operation and create 60 new jobs.

Madison Precision Products, a maker of aluminum products for the automotive industry, has announced plans to expand its operation in Madison, Indiana, creating 80 new jobs. Congrats to Brand Acceleration client Corey Murphy of Economic Development Partners.

In Shelbyville, Kentucky, Superb IPC, an industrial powder coating supplier, will expand its facility and create 20 new jobs.

Pharmaceutical Associates, Inc., a manufacturer of liquid pharmaceutical products, has announced plans to expand its facility in Greenville County, South Carolina, adding 15 new jobs.

Halliburton has announced plans to locate a new manufacturing facility in Lafayette, Louisiana to produce oilfield components, creating 150 new jobs.

Key Electronics, a manufacturer of industrial controls and electronic instruments, has announced plans to grow its operation in Jeffersonville, Indiana, creating 75 new jobs.

NaugaNeedles, LLC, a nanotechnology firm, has announced plans to create seven new jobs in Louisville, Kentucky.

We receive numerous announcements each week that announce that several jobs have been “retained or created.” While retention is important, we will not use announcements that fail to define exactly how many jobs were retained and how many were created. We want specifics.

If you have jobs announcements, please send them my way.

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