Saturday, June 4, 2011

Good Economic News!

Here are just a few of the positive economic announcements that have come my way in recent weeks:

CARBO Ceramics, a maker of products used by oil production companies, has announced plans to expand its operation in Iberia Parish, Louisiana and add 40 new jobs.

Reliance Worldwide, a manufacturer of controls, is locating its headquarters in Vinnings, Georgia, creating 150 new jobs.

In Indianapolis, Indiana, appraisal management firm StreetLinks Lender Solutions, has announced plans to expand and create 150 new jobs.

Meaningful Use Technologies LLC and Arcron Systems, Inc. will each establish its headquarters in Newport, Kentucky, creating 20 new jobs.

Technimark, a provider of plastic injection molding services, will expand its operation in Randolph County, North Carolina, adding 30 jobs.

In Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Power and Rubber Supply, Inc. plans to expand and add 15 new jobs.

Mitsubishi Nuclear Energy Systems, Inc. has announced plans to locate an engineering center in Charlotte, North Carolina, creating 135 new jobs.

Allied Payment Network, Inc., a startup software developer, has announced plans to expand its facility in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, adding 29 new jobs.

In Madisonville, Kentucky, Clark Associates, a provider to the foodservice industry, will locate a distribution center and add 95 new jobs.

Lenovo, a provider of computer services, plans to expand its operation in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina and add 300 employees.

In Ft. Wayne, Indiana, General Mills plans to open a new distribution center and hire 65 new employees.

BitRaider, a digital media company, plans to locate its operation in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and create 22 new jobs.

In Greenville County, South Carolina, CertusBank will locate its corporate headquarters and create 350 new jobs.

We receive numerous announcements each week that announce that several jobs have been “retained or created.” While retention is important, we will not use announcements that fail to define exactly how many jobs were retained and how many were created. We want specifics.

If you have jobs announcements, please send them my way.

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