Monday, July 18, 2011

Good Economic News!

Here are just a few of the positive economic announcements that have come my way in recent weeks:

In Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Dynamic Aviation, a provider of customized aviation solutions, plans to expand and create 50 new positions.

Toyo Tires, a producer of consumer tires, has announced plans to expand its facility in Bartow County, Georgia, adding 470 new jobs.

In Jasper County, South Carolina, Daniel Defense, Inc., a manufacturer of firearms, plans to open a new facility and create 100 new jobs.

In Oakland, California, solar products company Sungevity plans to expand and hire 300 people in the bay area.

Time Warner Cable has announced plans to expand its national data center in Charlotte, North Carolina, creating 225 new jobs.

In Indianapolis, Indiana, GuideSoft, Inc., an IT consulting firm, plans to expand and create 200 new jobs.

Plasti-Paints, Inc., a provider of parts and services for the auto and agriculture industries, will open a new facility in Heard County, Georgia, creating 60 new jobs.

In Asheville, North Carolina, Linamar, a maker of engine, transmission, and driveline products, will open a new manufacturing facility and hire 363 people.

Network Technologies and Support, Inc., an IT company, plans to expand its headquarters in Chesterfield County, Virginia and hire 140 employees.

In North Carolina, convenience store owner, Sheets, will open a new distribution center and hire 200 new employees.

Isofoton, a solar technology company, will open a new facility in Napoleon, Ohio, creating 330 new jobs.

PRETTL Electronics, a startup provider of parts to the solar panel industry, plans to open a new facility in Greenville County, South Carolina, creating 80 new jobs.

Michter’s Distillery, LLC will open a new production distillery in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, creating 10 new jobs.

In Boise, Idaho, Wells Fargo Bank plans to hire 150 people for customer service positions in its call center.

In Charlotte, North Carolina, Siemens Company plans to open the nation’s largest gas turbine plant and hire an undisclosed number of employees.

Futaba Corporation of America, a maker of lighted displays for the auto, home appliance, and entertainment industries, plans to expand its operation in Huntsville, Alabama, creating up to 60 new jobs.

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, Word Industries Fabrication, LLC, a maker of metering and piping systems, will expand its facility and create 100 new jobs.

In Cary, North Carolina, Lord Corporation, a technology company, has announced plans to expand and add 117 new positions.

Bed Tech, Inc., a remanufacturer of hospital beds, will expand its operation in Dearborn County, Indiana, creating 55 new jobs.

In Rowan County, North Carolina, Universal Forest Products, Inc., a manufacturer of wood products, will expand and hire 49 people.


We receive numerous announcements each week that announce that several jobs have been “retained or created.” While retention is important, we will not use announcements that fail to define exactly how many jobs were retained and how many were created. We want specifics.

If you have jobs announcements, please send them my way.

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