Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Good Economic News!

Here are just a few of the positive economic announcements that have come my way in recent weeks:

In Dinwiddie County, Virginia, Spiniello Company, a specialist in underground infrastructure construction, will establish a new operation and hire 35 new employees.
Data center and consulting services provider SIS has announced plans to expand its facility in Lexington, Kentucky, adding 15 new jobs.
In Greensburg, Indiana, One Solution Logistics of Indiana, Inc., a logistics supply company, will expand its operation and create 191 new jobs.
Accounting network operator PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), plans to expand and hire 45,000 people globally in 2011, including 10,000 in the U.S.
In Henderson, North Carolina, solar equipment maker Semprius will locate a production facility and create 256 new jobs.
In Beaver Dam, Kentucky, steel fabrication company Dynamic Fabrication will expand and create 22 new jobs.
Winova PVD Coatings, LLC, a provider of coatings to the auto industry, will expand its operation in Warsaw, Indiana and hire 70 people.

Insurance company Cigna Corporation has announced plans to expand its operation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and hire 164 new employees.

In Blackford County, Indiana, pet food maker Naturally Recycled Proteins, will open a new manufacturing facility and create 68 new jobs. Congratulations to Brand Acceleration friend Rob Cleveland, with the Blackford County Economic Development Corporation.
ITT Defense and Information Solutions will establish its corporate headquarters in Fairfax County, Virginia, creating 100 new jobs.
Music Mountain Water has announced plans to invest in its facility in Shreveport, Louisiana, creating 25 new jobs.
In Allen County, Indiana, R3 Composites Corporation, a maker of metal and plastic molded components, will establish a new manufacturing facility and hire 400 people.
Masonite International, a maker of residential and commercial doors, plans to expand in Bamberg County, South Carolina, adding 159 new jobs.
Ford Motor Company recently announced ambitious global expansion plans to grow by 50%, adding 7,000 jobs in the U.S.
MVP Group, a manufacturer of fragrance products, will expand its operation in Surry County, North Carolina and add 67 new jobs.
Allegient LLC, an information technology company, will expand its operation in Carmel, Indiana, adding 42 new jobs.
In Dorchester County, South Carolina, Coastal Corrugated, Inc., a packaging maker, will expand and add 26 new jobs.
BASS LLC, a publisher and fishing industry company, will move its headquarters to Birmingham, Alabama, creating 50 new jobs.
Online retailer Amazon plans to build a fulfillment center in Phoenix, Arizona and expand another in the same city, adding over 4,000 jobs.
CertainTeed Roofing, a maker of asphalt roofing products, will expand its facility in Granville County, North Carolina, adding 10 new jobs.
Special Metals Corporation, a producer of engineering alloys, will move its operation to Elkhart, Indiana, creating 100 new jobs.
Bridgestone Americas Tire, will expand its passenger and light truck tire operation in Aiken, South Carolina, creating 122 new jobs. Congratulations to Brand Acceleration friend Will Williams, Director of the Economic Development Partnership.
In Lafayette, Louisiana, emergency medicine staffing and management company Schumacher Group plans to expand and hire 600 people.
Retailer Target Corporation has announced plans to add stores and hire roughly 2,200 employees.
In Hamilton, Indiana, Solar Usage Now, an assembler and distributor of solar water and space heating systems, will expand and add 35 new jobs.
In Catawba County, North Carolina, Lee Industries, an upholstery manufacturer, will expand by purchasing and renovating an existing facility and create 75 new jobs.
Car rental company Hertz plans to expand its worldwide franchise network and hire 4,000 people.
In Decatur, Alabama, Polyplex, a maker of plastic films, will open a new plant and create 150 new jobs.
We receive numerous announcements each week that announce that several jobs have been “retained or created.” While retention is important, we will not use announcements that fail to define exactly how many jobs were retained and how many were created. We want specifics.
If you have jobs announcements, please send them my way.

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