Friday, January 6, 2012

Economic Dashboard Debuts on ED Web Site

Economic Dashboard Debuts on New ED Web Site
Site Selectors find detailed real-time data

After more than two years of development and testing, Brand Acceleration has officially launched the Economic Dashboard on a totally new web site we developed for the Logansport Economic Development Foundation. An extremely powerful tool, the Economic Dashboard was developed specifically to serve the research needs of site selection consultants, real estate professionals and C-suite corporate executives.

Under the guidance of site selectors and economic developers, Brand Acceleration worked closely with the Indiana Business Research Center to identify and build this amazing collection of ever-changing economic date. We wanted to not only provide audiences a real-time data-rich environment; we also wanted to be sure the information would always be current. As the featured data changes, it is automatically refreshed within a web site. Economic developers using the Economic Dashboard need not do a thing.

The Economic Dashboard specifically looks at hundreds of data points from such ever-changing sources such as Moody’s, the United States Census Bureau, state data sources, Sperling’s, the United States Bureau of Labor Statics and many others and packages it all into one very powerful economic developer’s tool.

To see a list of the current features, click here for a downloadable flyer. For a close-up look at the Logansport site, click here and look for EconomicDashboard.

Available in any location
One of the great things about the Economic Dashboard is that it can be customized to any location, regardless of borders or topographical barriers such as rivers, lakes, etc. For cities, counties and regional organizations, the Economic Dashboard can be customized to provide a close-up look at national, state, multistate, regional and local data.

Works in any web site
One of the outstanding benefits of the Economic Dashboard is that it will work in any web site, whether it’s newly built by Brand Acceleration or added to an existing site needing a powerful boost.

If you’d like to explore how the Economic Dashboard could be put to work for your community, state or region, just contact me any time. This would be a powerful way to ramp up your economic development web site in 2012.

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  1. Nice feature. I put a link to it on my ED|M FB page.

  2. Thanks, John. This would be a great addition to your site, too. Great info.