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Good Economic News 1-6-2013

Good Economic News

Here are just a few of the recent jobs announcements that have crossed my desk in recent weeks.

In Novi, Michigan, visual guiding systems maker OPS Solutions, LLC will expand and create 25 new jobs.

Information Technology provider SPARC will expand its Berkley County, South Carolina operation, creating 310 new jobs.

In Louisville, Kentucky, spring maker NHK Spring Precision of America plans to expand and create 50 jobs.

Fertilizer maker Mosaic Company will open a new facility in St. James Parish, Louisiana, creating 53 new jobs.

In Comstock Charter Township, Michigan, mining equipment maker Getman Corporation will expand and create 150 jobs.

Gourmet mushroom producer amFOG Farms, LLC will relocate its headquarters and open a new production facility in Jasper County, South Carolina, creating 7 new jobs.

Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company will expand its Ft. Wayne, Indiana headquarters and add 102 employees.

In Saline County, Missouri, General Electric will expand its operation and hire 115 people.

In El Paso, Texas, business services provider ADP will expand and create 585 jobs.

UPS Midstream Services, a maker of compressor equipment, will open a new machine shop in Jena, Louisiana, creating 95 jobs.

In Tennessee, Bell Helicopter will open a new facility at its Piney Flats operation, creating 125 new jobs.

In Dorchester County, South Carolina, aviation component supplier Aero Precision Products will expand and hire 15 people.

In Burns Harbor, Indiana, Indiana Flame Service, a technology services contractor, will expand and add 24 employees.

Auto parts supplier YH America plans to expand its Versailles, Kentucky operation and create 10 new jobs.

Airline industry supplier Indy Honeycomb will expand its northern Kentucky operation, creating 13 jobs.

The City of Port Huron, Michigan will create a mixed use development, including a convention center, that will create 100 new jobs.

Jasper Engine Exchange, Inc., an engine and transmission remanufacturer, will expand and add 40 new jobs at its Jasper, Indiana facility.

In Loudon, County, Tennessee, tile maker Ceramica Del Conca will build a new manufacturing facility and hire 178 people.

In Shreveport, Louisiana, vehicle maker Elio Motors, Inc. will open a new operation, creating 1,500 new jobs.

In Gloster, Mississippi, Drax Biomass will open a new wood pellet production facility and hire 45 people.

Albemarle Corporation, a producer of specialty chemicals, will expand its operation in Orangeburg County, South Carolina, creating 20 new jobs.

In Elkhart, Indiana, Vista Manufacturing, Inc., a maker of electronic lighting products, will expand and add 15 employees.

In Grand Rapids, Michigan, Founders Brewing Company will expand and create 52 new jobs.

In Paris, Texas, the James Skinner Baking Company will open a new bakery, creating 393 jobs.

In Colleton County, South Carolina, yarn and thread maker Sarla Performance Fibers will open a new facility, creating 100 new jobs.

Kimball Hospitality, Inc., a maker of hotel furniture, will expand its operation in Jasper, Indiana, creating 20 jobs.

In Knoxville, Tennessee, Tomcat USA, a maker of structural trussing, will open a new manufacturing facility and hire 50 people.

In Jasper, Alabama, auto parts supplier Vistech Manufacturing Solutions will expand and add 10 employees.

In Charleston County, South Carolina, Millard Refrigerated Services will open a new cold storage facility and hire 87 people.

The RND Group, Inc. a software provider, will expand its operation in Indianapolis, Indiana, creating 25 new jobs.

Intelsat, a satellite services provider, will move its headquarters to Fairfax County, Virginia, creating 430 new jobs.

La-Z-Boy, a furniture maker, will construct a new headquarters in Monroe, Michigan, creating 50 new jobs.

In Dayton, Tennessee, Automotive Components will expand and create 50 jobs.

LocalMed, a provider of services to the healthcare industry, will open a new operation in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, creating 100 new jobs.

In Louisville, Kentucky, software company ICIM Corporation will establish its headquarters and create 100 jobs.

Drax Biomass, an energy company, will open a new wood pellet facility in Bastrop, Louisiana, creating 63 new jobs.

In Indianapolis, Indiana, actuarial and consulting firm Milliman, Inc. will expand and add 26 new employees.

Teledyne Electronic Manufacturing Services, a maker of micro-electronic products, will expand its Lewisburg, Tennessee operation, creating 96 new jobs.

Agru America, a maker of geosynthetics, will expand its facility in Georgetown and Williamsburg counties in South Carolina, creating 126 new jobs.

In Tipton, Indiana, Chrysler Group, LLC will open a new operation, creating 850 new jobs.

Perfection Clutch, a distributor of auto parts, will locate a new facility in Hazelwood, Missouri, creating 10 new jobs.

In Portage, Michigan, Mueller Plastics, a maker and distributor of copper, plastic, and brass products, will open a new facility and hire 63 people.

Mando Corporation, a supplier of auto parts, will open a facility in Meriwether County, Georgia, creating 660 new jobs.

In Rockcastle County, Kentucky, packaging products maker Anchor Packaging will open a new facility, creating 150 jobs.

In Elkhart, Indiana, Conn-Selmer, Inc., a maker of band and orchestra instruments, will consolidate operations and create 23 new jobs.

Biomaterials maker Purac will open a new facility in Tucker, Georgia, creating 30 new jobs.

Software company TEKsystems Global Services will open a new IT center in Irving, Texas, creating 500 new jobs.

Auto maker Chrysler Group will expand its operation on Kokomo, Indiana, creating 400 new jobs.

In Charlotte, North Carolina, retailer Belk, Inc. will expand and add 150 employees.

Land O’Frost, Inc., a provider of meat products, will relocate its headquarters to Munster, Indiana, creating 50 new jobs.

Time Warner Cable, a provider of television and internet services, will expand its operation in Lexington, County, South Carolina, hiring 644 employees.

Access America Transport will expand and create 550 new jobs at its Chattanooga and Knoxville, Tennessee facilities.

Total Jobs Announcements: 9,435

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