Monday, May 13, 2013

7 Rules for Dealing with Difficult People

7 Rules for Dealing with Difficult People

A simple, yet demanding, approach

A few years ago someone bought me a book about the art of dealing with difficult people. I think it’s still around here somewhere. In it, the author writes about how to understand the personality of the difficult person, how to manage challenging situations, and so on. As I read it, I remember thinking, “This is all about how I need to change and be understanding of the other person.”

Each of us has to bite our lip from time to time. We make every effort to do business in an honorable way but sometimes the other person just seems to enjoy being abrasive. Have you ever had that happen?

Back in 2006, when I started Brand Acceleration, I promised myself that I would only work with and for people I like. After a long working career I had had my fill of kissing up to rude and inconsiderate people. I told myself, “No More Jerks!”

That promise comes with a responsibility to not be one of those people. It meant that I, and my team, would have to operate with a very high set of standards. I have a very high regard for honorable and professional people and will not tolerate less than honorable behavior from others. Who I am influences what I do and how I do it. Below is a list of principles that our staff, vendors, and even clients, are expected to honor:

1. Always operate with total honesty. Never lie and never tolerate liars.

2. Treat every person with respect and demand respect from others.

3. Set very high standards and raise them often.

4. Always over-deliver, even when you would rather cut and run.

5. Strive to be the best and never cease to grow, learn, and improve.

6. Be the best in our chosen industries.

7. Price our services fairly. We are not the cheapest, and we don’t want to be.

We’re certainly not perfect. I would never make that claim. However, by following the above principles, we can look in the mirror each day and know that we are looking at someone who is a person of honesty, integrity, and very demanding standards.

We’ve been very fortunate. We have an incredible team of professionals who love to do great work, always striving to generate great results for our clients. Beautiful marketing pieces are nice, but beautiful work that results in growing brands and economic activity are what we’re all about.

Our clients are a daily blessing. They know we will always offer great work and our best counsel. They place their trust in us and work side by side with us toward a common goal. They’re more that clients; they are our friends.

I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to share your thoughts and personal experiences below.

Have a great week,

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