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Good Economic News - 6-25-13

Good Economic News

Here are just a few of the jobs announcements that have crossed my desk in recent weeks.

In Columbus, Indiana, auto parts maker Sunright America, Inc. will expand and add 103 employees.
In Georgia, AT&T will hire more than 1,000 people throughout the state.
Flowserve Corporation, a maker of products for the oil and gas industries, will open a facility in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania, creating 124 jobs.
In Georgetown County, South Carolina, aviation tubing systems maker Davis Aircraft Products will open a new facility and hire 100 people.
In Ft. Wayne, Indiana, mechanical contractor Shambaugh & Son, LP will expand and add 110 employees.
AmpliSine Labs, a technology provider, will expand its operation in Lubbock, Texas, creating 115 jobs.
In Winchester, Kentucky, pharmaceutical delivery provider Catalent Pharma Solutions will expand and add 90 employees.
Elm Services, a mortgage services provider, will expand in Overland Park, Kansas, creating 160 jobs.
A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspection will expand and add 1,000 employees companywide.
In Delaware County, Indiana, DD Danner, LLC, a maker of vehicle mobile power stations, will open a new operation and hire 480 people. Congrats to economic developers Terry Murphy and Traci Lutton.
In St. Louis, Missouri, aerospace giant Boeing will open an information technology center and hire 400 people.
Dayco Products LLC, a maker of automotive components, will expand in Barnwell County, South Carolina, creating 15 jobs.
Magnetation, LLC, a recycling firm, will open a new facility in White County, Indiana, creating 100 jobs.
Cirrus Aircraft, a maker of small airplanes, will expand and hire 105 people companywide.
Automotive lighting firm Magneti Marelli will open a plant in Pulaski, Tennessee, creating 90 jobs.
In Barnwell County, South Carolina, National Beverage Screen Printers, Inc. will expand and add 80 employees.
In Dallas, Texas, retailer Kohl’s will open a customer service center and hire 1,500 people.
In Indianapolis, Indiana, Miller Pipeline LLC will open a new headquarters, adding 48 employees.
Focus Printing Solutions, a producer of products and services for the auto industry, will open a new manufacturing facility in Franklin, Kentucky, creating 10 jobs.
In Meridian, Mississippi, ceiling tile maker CertainTeed will restart production and hire 110 people.
In Iredell County, North Carolina, aviation systems company IOMAX USA will expand and add 35 employees. Congrats to economic developer Robby Carney on a job well done.
In Bristol, Tennessee, U.S. Solutions Group, Inc., a provider of call center services, will expand and create 128 jobs.
The PROS Company, a machine shop, will expand in Lubbock, Texas, creating 29 jobs.
Independent power producer AES Corporation will establish its U.S. headquarters and create 100 jobs.
In Hattiesburg, Mississippi, General Dynamics Information Technology will open a customer support center and hire 1,000 employees.
Automated Motion, Inc., an engineering and manufacturing company, will expand in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, creating 14 jobs. 
In Salt Lake City, Utah, software developer MasterControl will expand and hire 197 people.
SERVECO Chemical will open an operation in Lubbock, Texas, hiring 23 people.
In Danville, Indiana, Bio-Response Solutions, Inc., a waste treatment manufacturer, will expand and add 25 jobs. Congrats to the Town of Danville, Indiana, a Brand Acceleration client, and to economic developer Cinda Kelley-Hutchings.
Meiwa Industries, a maker of auto parts, will establish a new facility in Lewisburg, Tennessee and hire 98 employees.
Fancy Pokket Corporation, a maker of bakery products, will establish a new facility in Lancaster County, South Carolina, creating 68 jobs.
In Grove, Oklahoma, engineering firm Ferra Engineering will expand and create 20 jobs.
In Steuben County, Indiana, container maker LaGrange Products, Inc. will expand and hire 15 people.
USAA, a provider of insurance, banking, and investment services, will expand and add 3,500 employees companywide.
In Louisville, Kentucky, consumer electronics company Gazelle, Inc. will establish a processing center and hire 438 people.
In Springville, Indiana, injection molding manufacturer PRD, Inc. will expand and add 20 employees.
Huntington Ingalls Industries, a shipbuilding firm, will expand and hire several thousand employees companywide.

In Wayne County, Indiana, Maxwell Milling of Indiana will expand and add 5 employees. Congrats to economic developer Valerie Shaffer.

In Anderson County, South Carolina, metal components maker SEKIDO Technology Corporation will expand and create 6 jobs.
In Franklin, Indiana, auto parts maker NSK will expand and create 46 jobs.
In Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, Newtech Dental Laboratory, a maker of dental prosthetics, will expand and hire 33 employees.

In Lebanon, Missouri, electrical component maker Marine Electrical Products will expand and create 15 jobs.

Vision Systems, an aeronautics supplier, will open a new facility in Melbourne, Florida, creating 40 jobs.

Emergency home repair service provider HomeServe USA will expand in Chattanooga, Tennessee, creating 100 jobs.
In Indianapolis, Indiana, file-sharing firm SmartFile will expand and add 30 employees.

Total Jobs Announcements: 11,725 +++
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