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Good News 8-27-13

Good Economic News

Here are just a few of the recent jobs announcements that have crossed my desk in recent weeks.

Auger Torque USA, LLC, a maker of earthmoving attachments, will open a facility in Huntington, Indiana, creating 22 jobs.
In Franklin, Kentucky, auto parts supplier Mitsui Kinzoku Catalysts America, will open a new operation and create 50 jobs.
In Pulaski County, Indiana, wheelchair vehicle maker Braun Corporation will expand and add 70 jobs. Congrats to Brand Acceleration client, economic developer Nathan Origer. Great job, Nathan!
The Miller Group, an insurance and employee benefit firm, will move to Overland Park, Kansas and hire 80 people.
In Bartholomew County, Indiana, engine maker Cummins will expand and add 500 workers.
In Russell County, Virginia, metals processor and distributor Steel Fab will open a production facility and create 240 jobs.

Union Pacific Railroad, founded in 1862 by Abraham Lincoln, will hire 4,000 people this year.

Grocery retailer Meijer Stores LP will expand and hire 1,800 workers.

Welding company WFSI will expand its operation in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota, creating 32 jobs.

In Temperance, Michigan, tooling and stamping company Unique Tool & Manufacturing Company, Inc. will expand and add 62 employees.

Abadak, Inc., a supplier of tarps and canopy tents, will open a new facility in Weir, Texas, creating 30 jobs.
In Lynchburg, Tennessee, whiskey maker Jack Daniel’s will expand and add 90 employees.
In Detroit, Michigan, NewGAR, LLC will open a new office and restaurant space, creating 96 jobs.
Winona Powder Coatings, Inc. will expand its operation in Koskiusko County, Indiana, creating 25 jobs.
Heiche US Surface Technology, a provider of surface treatments, will locate a new facility in Spartanburg County, South Carolina, adding 38 employees.
In Louisiana, Cornerstone Chemical Company and Incitec Pivot will build a new ammonia plant and hire 65 people.
Shirt printer Raymond’s Print Shop, Inc. will launch an operation in Lawrence, Indiana, creating 100 jobs.
In Southampton County, Virginia, peanut roaster Hampton Farms will establish a peanut butter production plant and hire 60 people.
US Cold Storage will establish a cold storage facility in Lake City, Florida, creating 15 jobs.
In Spartanburg County, South Carolina, Edgewater Automation, a maker of custom machines, will open a new operation and hire 53 people.
In Garden City, Kansas, steel and fiberglass tank maker Palmer Manufacturing and Tank will expand and hire 100 people.
TRW Automotive has 109 positions available in South Michigan.
Transport Logistics International, a transportation services provider, will open a new facility in Ballard County, Kentucky, adding 20 employees.
Harrison Electric, Inc., a provider of electric motor repair services, will expand its operation in Michigan City, Indiana, creating 14 jobs.
In Belle Fourche, South Dakota, Permian Tank & Manufacturing, Inc., a maker of steel tanks, will expand and create 65 jobs.
In Indianapolis, Indiana, Language Training Center will expand and create 26 jobs.
In Rockingham County, North Carolina, firearms maker Sturm, Ruger & Company will establish a new facility and create 450 jobs.
In Waco, Texas, aircraft service provider Max Flight Advantages, LLC will open a new operation and employee 80 workers.
Coyote Logistics will open a new facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan, creating 125 jobs.

Aberdeen Carolina & Western Railway Company will establish a new operation in Montgomery County, North Carolina, creating 25 jobs.

IBEMC, a management consulting firm, will hire 300 people by year end.
Video game distributor Solutions 2 Go, LLC will open a new facility in Indianapolis, Indiana, hiring 40 people.
Fritz Industries, a maker of drilling products, will create a new facility in Greenville, Texas and create 250 jobs.

Silcotech North America, Inc., a maker of silicone components, will locate a new facility in York County, South Carolina, hiring 50 people.

Trident Seafoods, a seafood harvesting and processing company, will open a new facility in Carroll County, Georgia, creating 175 jobs.

In Johnson County, Kansas, Unilever will expand and add 100 employees.

Handbag maker Vera Bradley, Inc. will expand in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, creating 128 jobs.

In Arkadelphia, Arkansas, poultry processor Vikon Farms will locate a new facility and hire 172 people.

Kayser Automotive Systems USA, a maker of modules and systems for the auto industry, will open a new operation in Fulton, Kentucky, adding 121 employees.

In Syracuse, New York, Medicine Answering Services will expand and add 80 employees.

In Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, pharmaceutical distributor Americur Rx will establish a new operation and hire 51 people.

In Maryville, Tennessee, Surface Igniter, LLC will open a new headquarters, creating 108 jobs.
Great Clips hair salons presently has 6,500 openings shown on its web site.
Kraft Foods Group will expand its operation in Granite City, Illinois, creating 30 jobs.
In Pulaski, Virginia, Falls Stamping and Welding Company will open a new facility and hire 112 people.
In Detroit, Michigan, human tissue provider Asterand US Acquisitions, Inc. will expand and add 25 employees.
Appalachian Railcar Services, Inc., a railcar repair and maintenance company, will open a new operation in Benton County, Indiana, creating 22 jobs. Congrats to Brand Acceleration client, economic developer Kelly Kepner. Great job, Kelly!
Total Jobs Announcements: 16,706

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