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Good Economic News 10-8-2013

Good Economic News

Here are just a few of the recent jobs announcements that have crossed my desk in recent weeks.

Serco, Inc., a provider of professional, technology, and management services, will open a new operation in Lawton, Oklahoma, creating 500 jobs. Congrats to economic developer Barry Albrecht on a job well done.

Eastman Chemical Company will expand its operation in Henry County, Virginia, creating 25 jobs.

In Whitley County, Indiana, military and aerospace parts maker Breyden Products, Inc. will expand and hire 23 people.

In Shelbyville, Kentucky, consumer packaging company Tegrant Diversified Brands will locate a new facility and create 51 jobs.

In Covington, Georgia, Unilever will expand its ice cream facility and hire 428 people.

LightEdge Solutions, an information technology company, will open a new operation in Kansas City, Missouri, creating 21 jobs.

Pratt Paper, LLC, a paper and packaging company, will locate a recycling center in Valparaiso, Indiana, creating 137 jobs.

In Dalton, Georgia, carpet maker Shaw Industries will expand and add 175 jobs.

In Muskegan, Michigan, auto parts supplier ADAC will expand and add 97 employees.

In Tippecanoe County, Indiana, Heartland Automotive, LLC, a supplier to the auto industry, will expand and add 224 jobs.

In Durham County, North Carolina, pharmaceutical maker Purdue Pharma Manufacturing will open a new facility and hire 100 people.

In Marion, Iowa, ELPLAST America, Inc., a maker of zippers, will open a new facility and create 10 jobs.

In Danville, Virginia, mold maker North American Mold Technology will open a new facility and hire 120 people.

Alliance Barrier Films, LLC, a maker of film packaging products, will expand in Daviess County, Indiana, creating 48 jobs.

Aircraft maker Boeing will expand in Helena, Montana, creating 25 jobs.

Zeeland Lumber Operations, LLC, a supplier of lumber and building materials, will open a new facility in Elkhart County, Indiana, creating 72 jobs.

Firstronic, LLC, a maker of circuit boards, will open a new operation in Grand Rapids, Michigan, creating 121 jobs.

Dayton Rogers Manufacturing Company, a metal forming supplier, will establish a new facility in Richland County, South Carolina, creating 134 jobs.

Online retailer eBay, Inc. will expand its operation in Louisville, Kentucky, adding 150 employers.

In Charlotte, North Carolina, amusement park operator Cedar Fair Entertainment Company will expand its Rarowinds Park, creating 15 jobs.

In Ann Arbor, Michigan, Longbow Advantage, Inc., a software developer, will establish a new operation and create 32 jobs.

Ash Brokerage Corporation, an insurance firm, will expand in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, adding 115 employees.

In Chester County, South Carolina, JN Fibers, Inc. will open a new operation and create 318 jobs.

Pallet maker Calumet Pallet Company, Inc. will expand in LaPorte County, Indiana, adding 115 jobs.

In Sarpy County, Nebraska, insurance provider Travelers Company will establish a data center and hire 30 people.

In Spartanburg County, South Carolina, metal fabricator Laserflex will expand and create 20 jobs.

Total Jobs Announcements: 3,106

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