Monday, March 31, 2014

Good Economic News

Here are just a few of the recent jobs announcements that have crossed my desk in recent weeks.
Ottobock Healthcare, a maker of medical devices, will open a distribution center in Louisville, Kentucky, creating 25 jobs.

XanEdu Publishing, Inc., a maker of educational materials, will expand in Ann Arbor, Michigan, creating 65 jobs.

In Knox County, Tennessee, food products maker Flowers Foods will open a new operation and hire 100 people.

In South Bend, Indiana, Lippert Components, a supplier to the recreational vehicle industry, will expand and create 200 jobs.

In Gwinnett County, Georgia, shipping company United Arab Shipping Company will open its new headquarters and hire 160 people.

Technology Solutions, Inc., a firm specializing in medical software and archery products, will expand in Ashley, Indiana, creating 26 jobs.

In McDowell County, North Carolina, surface application provider XO.STEEL, LLC will open a new facility and hire 30 people.

AM Manufacturing Company, a dough machine maker, will open a facility in Munster, Indiana and hire 40 people.

In Union County, Tennessee, heavy equipment maker Greenfield Products will expand and create 100 jobs.

In Bellaire, Michigan, Short’s Brewing Company will expand and hire 18 people.

In Fayette County, Georgia, medical devices company Gerreshiemer Peachtree City, LP will expand and add 120 employees.

Team Air, Inc., a maker of HVAC products, will open a facility in Rutherford County, North Carolina, creating 70 jobs.

In Carmel, Indiana, Stonegate Mortgage Corporation will expand and create 400 jobs.

Metal products maker Proos will expand in Grand Rapids, Michigan, hiring 50 people.

GE Avaition, a component supplier to the aviation industry, will open a new jet engine production facility in Tippecanoe County, Indiana, creating 200 jobs.

In Cowetta County, Georgia, bottled water supplier Niagara Bottling, LLC will expand and create 40 jobs.

Paper products maker Resolute Forest Products US will expand in Calhoun, Tennessee, creating 25 jobs.

In Strasburg, Virginia, paper products maker Mercury Paper will expand and hire 96 employees.

Total Jobs Announcements: 1,765

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