Saturday, May 31, 2014

Good Economic News

Here are just a few of the recent jobs announcements that have crossed my desk in recent weeks.

In Junction City, Kansas, Advanced Call Center Technologies, a provider of back office services, will open a facility and hire 625 people. Congrats to economic developer Susan Jagerson.

Mursix Corporation, a maker of precision components, will expand in Delaware County, Indiana, creating 108 jobs. Congrats to economic developer Terry Murphy.

In Hendersonville, Tennessee, Novita Technologies will expand and create 31 jobs.

Curry Supply Company, a maker of vehicles for the energy industry, will expand in Blair County, Pennsylvania, creating 50 jobs.

In Hampton County, South Carolina, packaging products supplier Progressive Packaging will open a distribution center and hire 5 people.

AB Mauri, a supplier of food products, will open its headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, creating 60 jobs.

In Burlington, Iowa, Baker’s Pride, a provider of food products, will expand and create 62 jobs. Congrats to economic developers Jason Hutcheson and David Toyer.

In Swisher, Iowa, micro-distillery Cedar Ridge Vinyard will expand and create 1 job.

Auto supplier Magna Powertrain of America, Inc. will expand in Delawars County, Indiana, creating 50 jobs.

In Hampton County, South Carolina, plastic products maker Dixie Poly-Drum Corporation will reopen a facility and create 84 jobs.

In Bowling Green, Kentucky, aluminum products suppliers Constellium N.V. and UACJ Corporation will open a facility, creating 80 jobs.

In Kent County, Michigan, modular assemblies maker Challenge Manufacturing Co., Inc. will expand and create 80 jobs.

In Alpharetta, Georgia, Halyard Health, a health care services provider, will locate its headquarters, creating 200 jobs.

In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, baby gear maker 4moms will expand and add 120 jobs.

In Hot Springs, Arkansas, rubber band maker Alliance Rubber Company will expand and create 15 jobs. Congrats to economic developer Jim Fram.

In Antigo, Wisconsin, cheese maker Sartori Company will expand and hire 53 people.

Nello Corporation, a maker of towers and poles, will open a facility in South Bend, Indiana, creating 639 jobs.

In Pettis County, Missouri, BioStar Systems will open a biogas energy plant, creating 23 jobs.

In Skokie, Illinois, bioscience company LanzaTech will open a facility and hire 30 people.

In LaPorte, Indiana, aerospace manufacturer Alcoa will expand and hire 329 people.

Coyote Manufacturing Company, a maker of boat parts, will locate in Nashville, Georgia, creating 100 jobs.

In Tobaccoville, North Carolina, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company will begin producing digital vapor cigartettes, creating 200 jobs.

Highland Industries, a maker of technical fabrics, will expand in Statesville, North Carolina, adding 29 employees. Congrats to economic developers Mike Smith and John Marek.

Louis Hornick & Company, a maker of textiles, will locate in Allendale County, South Carolina, creating 125 jobs.

Verizon Wireless will expand in Arkansas, creating 285 jobs.

Trucking firm CRST will expand in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, adding 30 workers.

In Jeffersonville, Indiana, steel processor Delaco Kasle Processing Indiana, LLC will locate a new facility and create 105 jobs.

Green Box NA Michigan, LLC will open a recycling operation in Cheboygan and Detroit, Michigan, resulting in 331 jobs.

In Shelby County, Kentucky, bourbon maker Diageo will open a distillery and hire 30 people.

In Mount Vernon, Indiana, Valero Renewable Fuels Company will expand its ethanol facility and create 61 jobs.

Medical science company Northwest Medical Isotopes will open a facility in Columbia, Missouri, creating 68 jobs. Congrats to economic developer Mike Brooks.

Green Link Wood Industries, a hardwood veneer maker, will open a facility in Bamburg County, South Carolina, creating 44 jobs.

Defense industry supplier Dasan Machineries will locate in Gwinnett County, Georgia, resulting in 150 jobs.

Peristyle, LLC, a maker of distilled spirits, will open a facility in Woodford County, Kentucky, adding 10 workers.

In Marshall County, Indiana, auto components maker Universal Bearings, LLC will expand and hire 78 people.

Echo Group, Inc., a supplier of electrical products, will move to Council Bluffs, Iowa, hiring 117 people.

Royal Building Products, a provider of building materials, will expand in Newbern, Tennessee, creating 85 jobs.

In Jackson County, Indiana, auto components supplier Aisin Chemical Indiana, LLC will expand and add 74 employees. Congrats to economic developer and Indiana Pacers fan Jim Plump.

In Walton, Kentucky, eBay will expand and hire 300 workers.

Printing company Pacemaker Press PP&S will open a facility in Franklin County, Tennessee, creating 39 jobs.

In Trousdale County, Tennessee, auto parts maker ARC Automotive, Inc. will open a facility and create 66 jobs.

KBRS, a maker of composite products, will open a facility in Jasper County, South Carolina, hiring 30 employees.

In Story City, Iowa, American Packaging Corporation will expand and add 20 employees.

Health management services provider OurHealth will expand and add 450 employees in Indiana.

Medical services company Evonik Industries will open an R&D center in Birmingham, Alabama, creating 25 jobs.

In Frankfort, Kentucky, Buffalo Trace Distillery will expand and hire 110 people.

Glass fabricator Viracon will expand in Bulloch County, Georgia, creating 125 jobs.

In Yorkville, Illinois, candy and gum maker Wrigley will expand and hire 75 workers.

In Anderson County, South Carolina, switchgear maker E&I Engineering, Inc. will open a new facility and hire 250 people.

Hospira, Inc., a provider of medical services, will expand in McPherson, Kansas, creating 150 jobs.

In Buncombe County, North Carolina, auto components maker BorgWarner Turbo Systems will expand and add 63 employees.

In Galesburg, Illinois, component maker Pegasus Manufacturing, Inc. will open a new facility and hire 17 people.

Government Contracting Specialists, Inc., a construction firm, will locate offices in Currituck County, North Carolina, creating 60 jobs.

Otsuka Chemical Company, Ltd. Will open its headquarters in Spalding County, Georgia, creating 32 jobs.

HireRight, Inc., a provider of employee screening services, will expand in Charlotte, North Carolina, creating 80 jobs.

FirstSource Group USA will open a call center in Louisville, Kentucky, creating 300 jobs.

In Barnwell County, South Carolina, flooring maker Kronotex USA will expand and create 28 jobs.

Plastic Omnium Auto Exteriors, a maker of auto components, will open a facility in Chattanooga, Tennessee, creating 184 jobs.

Open Control Systems, LLC, a provider of building control systems, will expand in Indianapolis, Indiana, creating 25 jobs.

Electronic retailer ShopHQ will expand in Bowling Green, Kentucky, adding 150 workers.

Golden Dragon, a maker of copper tubing, will open a facility in Wilcox County, Alabama, creating 300 jobs.

In Davidson County, Tennessee, food maker Tyson Foods will expand and hire 157 people.

In Bamburg County, South Carolina, Augusta Fiberglass Coating, Inc. will expand and create 69 jobs.

Roll-up door maker Janus International will open a new facility in Butler, Indiana, creating 50 jobs.

Palmetto Aero, a provider of products to the aerospace industry, will open a facility in Colleton County, South Carolina, creating 44 jobs.

Fastenal Company, a distributor of industrial and construction equipment, will expand in Indianapolis, Indiana, hiring 60 people.

Technology company Celanese Corporation will expand in Boone County, Kentucky, adding 10 workers.

Dennison Lubricants will expand and add 20 jobs in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Telecommunications provider Verizon Wireless will expand in Huntsville, Alabama, adding 400 workers.

TerrePure Kentucky Distillers, Inc. will open a distillery in Daviess County, Kentucky, hiring 70 employees.

Total Jobs Announcements: 8,246

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