Sunday, February 8, 2015

Good Economic News

Here are just a few of the recent jobs announcements that have crossed my desk in recent weeks.

In Montgomery City, Missouri, potato chip and snack maker Uncle Ray’s will open and hire 110 people.

In Greensboro, North Carolina, chemical company Ecolab, Inc. will expand and create 45 jobs.

In Joplin, Missouri, shed maker Cook Portable warehouses will open and hire 80 people. Congrats to economic developer Rob O’Brian.

NHK International Corporation, a maker of auto suspensions, will grow in Novi, Michigan, creating 26 jobs.

In York County, South Carolina, precision products maker Schaeffler Group North America will expand and create 112 jobs. Congrats to economic developer David Swenson.

In Richland, South Carolina, food distributor Hardon House Food Products will expand and hire 55 people.

Agility Fuel Systems, a maker of vehicle fuel systems, will open in Rowan County, North Carolina, creating 149 jobs. Congrats to economic developer Robert Van Geons.

CGI will open a facility in Lafayette, Louisiana, creating 400 jobs.

Mercedes-Benz USA will open its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, creating 800 jobs.

In Clark County, Indiana, plastics compounders Chemtrusion, Inc. and MyTex Polymers USA Corporation will expand and hire 11 workers.

In Buncombe County, North Carolina, White Labs, Inc., a provider to the brewing and wine industries, will open and hire 56 people.

Biopharma products supplier Emergent BioSolutions will expand in Baltimore, Maryland, creating 158 jobs.

In Athens, Tennessee, auto component maker Denso will expand and create 400 jobs.

In Fitzgerald-Ben Hill County, Georgia, wood processing startup Choice Wood, Inc. will create 50 jobs.

Medical device maker SGS Specialty Group will expand in Columbia City, Indiana, creating 17 jobs.

Auto components maker Android Industries will expand and hire 131 workers in Detroit, Michigan.

In Scott County, Indiana, label maker Multi-Color Corporation will expand and create 154 jobs. Congrats to economic developer Robert Peacock.

Educational supply company will expand and hire 44 people in Kansas City, Missouri.

In Bowling Green, Kentucky, KapStone Container Corporation will expand and create 30 jobs.

Merritt Island Boat Works will open in Brevard County, Florida, creating 380 jobs.

In Dooly County, Georgia, Tyson Foods will expand and hire 500 people.

Plastics maker Sirmax North America, Inc. will open in Anderson, Indiana, creating 50 jobs.

Rite Aid Corporation will open a distribution center in Spartanburg, South Carolina, creating 600 jobs.

In Walker, Michigan, seating maker Irwin Seating Company will expand and add 60 workers.

In Gwinnett, Georgia, Validation & Engineering Group will open and hire 20 people.

Auto components maker LOC Performance Products, Inc. will expand in Plymouth, Michigan, hiring 95 people.

Polydeck Screen Corporation, a maker of screen media, will expand in Spartanburg, South Carolina, creating 40 jobs.

In Mesa, Arizona, Apple Computer will open a command center and hire 150 workers.

Logistics provider Bluegrass Supply Chain Services will expand in Bowling Green, Kentucky, creating 55 jobs.

Auto supplier OMR Automotive will open in Speedway, Indiana, and hire 60 people.

Vinegar maker Marukan will open and hire 15 people in Spalding County, Georgia.

Near Lake Charles, Louisiana, Live Oak LNG will open a liquefied natural gas facility and hire 100 workers.

Metal stamping company Lincoln Manufacturing USA, LLC will expand in Stanford, Kentucky, adding 20 employees.

In Natchez, Mississippi, paper products supplier Von Drehle will open and create 100 jobs.

In Fayette County, Georgia, Osmose Utilities Services will open and hire 100 people.

Total Jobs Announcements: 5,173

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