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Good Economic News - April 24, 2012

Good Economic News
Here are just a few of the recent jobs announcements that have crossed my desk in recent weeks.

New Belgium Brewing, maker of Fat Tire Amber Ale, will build a new brewery in Asheville, North Carolina, creating 154 new jobs.

Abbot Nutrition Manufacturing will create its new home in Miami County, Ohio, adding 241 new jobs.

PWC Accounting has announced plans to add 12,000 new positions companywide.

Pioneer Hi-Bred International, a producer of plant genetics (seeds), will expand its operation in Johnston, Iowa, creating 100 new jobs.

Serco, a travel and hospitality company, will expand its operation in Campbellsville, Kentucky, creating 125 new jobs.

Michelin North America, a maker of earthmover tires, will expand its operation in Anderson and Lexington Counties in South Carolina, creating 500 new jobs.

BRP, a maker of motorized recreational vehicles, will expand its operation in Mitchell County, North Carolina, adding 70 new jobs.

Auto parts supplier Seung Chang Airtek, Inc., has opened a new facility in Aubern, Alabama and will add 50 new employees.

Lafarge North America, a manufacturer of cement, aggregate and concrete, will move its headquarters to Chicago, Illinois, creating 90 new jobs.

Ritz Instrument Transformers will expand its operation in Hart County, Georgia and hire 50 people.

Deere and Company, a maker of John Deere crawler products, will expand its operation in Dubuque, Iowa, creating 125 new jobs.

DRC Industries, a packaing materials supplier, will expand its operation in Carroll County, Kentucky, adding 25 new jobs.

In Guilford County, North Carolina, Stanley Furniture, Inc. will expand and add 42 new employees.

In Hendricks County, Indiana, steel producer Steel Dynamics will expand and add 50 new employees.

Diversified Plastics, Inc., a maker of material handling products, will expand its manufacturing facility and create 15 new jobs.

Weeks & Leo Company, a supplier of products for pharmacies, will expand its operation in Clive, Iowa and create 18 new jobs.

In Opelika, Alabama, Mando America Corporation, a maker of brake and steering products, will expand and create 30 new jobs.

Mobile Track Solutions, LLC, will expand its facility in Elkader, Iowa, creating 20 new jobs.

SMC Corporation of America, a pneumatic technology developer, will expand its headquarters in Noblesville, Indiana, adding 150 new jobs.

In York County, South Carolina, Ross Stores, Inc. will open a new distribution and warehousing facility, creating 600 new jobs.

In Macomb, Illinois, NTN-Bower Corporation, a manufacturer of bearings, will expand and create 80 new jobs.

Duke Sandwich Productions, a maker of food products, will locate a new production facility in Anderson County, South Carolina, creating 45 new jobs.

Google, the popular search engine, plans to hire 700 people in sales and engineering positions companywide.

Mansfield-King, a maker and distributor of personal care products, will expand its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, creating 144 new jobs.

In Wayne County, North Carolina, Joseph T. Ryerson & Son, Inc., a processor of metals, will expand and add 44 new jobs.

Westfield Insurance plans to add over 100 new jobs, mostly in Ohio.

Geneseo Communications, a telecommunications firm, will open a new data center in Bettendorf, Iowa, creating 13 new jobs.

Oceaneering International, Inc., a maker of remotely operated vehicles, will expand and create 200 new jobs in Morgan City, Louisiana.

Carter’s, Inc., a marketer of baby and young children’s apparel, will open a new distribution center in Braselton, Georgia, creating 600 new jobs.

In Edmonson County, Kentucky, Taggart Solar, LLC, a maker of Solar Panels, will locate a new manufacturing facility, creating 30 new jobs.

Ionic Technologies, Inc., a provider of heat treating and coating services, will expand its operation in Greenville County, South Carolina, creating 13 new jobs.

In Franklin, Kentucky, Vermont Thread Gage, LLC, a maker of fixed-limit gages, will expand and hire 15 people.

In Ankeny, Iowa, The Toro Company, a provider of lawn maintenance products, will open a new distribution facility and create 26 new jobs.

In West Lafayette, Indiana, Automotive Robotics Indiana Labs, Inc., a provider of electronics, engineering, design and manufacturing services, will locate a new facility  and create 30 new jobs.

BHP Billiton, a petroleum industry company, will hire 600 people companywide.

Baxter International plans to locate a new bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Atlanta, Georgia, adding 1,500 new employees.

In Iowa City, Iowa, Alpla, Inc., a maker of plastic packaging products, will expand and create 37 new jobs.

Grace Plastics, a plastics recycler, will locate a new facility in Greenville County, South Carolina, creating 16 new jobs.

Behnke Enterprises, a maker of agricultural and industrial trailers, will expand its operation and create 25 new jobs in Farley, Iowa.

Accuride Corporation, a supplier of commercial vehicle products, will expand its production capacity in Kershaw County, South Carolina, creating 25 new jobs.

Total Jobs Announcements: 18,698

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