Sunday, June 3, 2012

What is Your Brand Promise?
Are you keeping or breaking it?

Something that always amazes me is when I meet with company or community leaders who have no idea what their brand represents. When asked, their responses range from “I don’t know,” to a long-winded recital of their mission statement. Then, I stump them with this; “If I were to ask your prospects or clients this question, how would they answer?”

What these people may not understand is the importance of seeing their brand as it is known (or unknown) by outsiders. It’s easy to assume that outsiders see your company or community in the same way as insiders, but that may not be the case. They may have a different opinion or no opinion at all.

Your brand (reputation) hinges on a promise, either broken or kept. Through your marketing communications, you make claims and promises. Through your actions, you either keep them or break them. A promise is good only if it is kept. If you fail to keep promises, your brand position and sales will eventually suffer. If promises are kept or exceeded, your brand and sales will soar.

Consider such companies as BMW (The Ultimate Driving Machine), Avis (We try harder) and McDonald’s (I’m Lovin’ It). Over many years, these companies, through promises made and kept, meet and exceed expectations. Customers know exactly what to expect.

Similarly, Brand Acceleration clients and prospects know what to expect. Our slogan, “High Performance Marketing,” means something. They know how passionate we are about creating results, making the cash register ring. They also know about our intense focus on economic development and AEC marketing. We don’t just work in these industries, we live them.

Every day, we work with companies and communities, helping them tell their stories in powerful ways, attracting business and bringing home jobs. Partnering with them, we know how to communicate their messages in effective ways. It’s crucial, however, for us to know that their promises will be kept. Our brand reputation is directly tied to the integrity of our clients. We only work with people of integrity. Slime balls need not call us.

What’s your brand promise?
A brand promise is much more than claims made in ads, brochures and web sites. As mentioned above, it’s about promises made and kept.

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