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Good Economic News, May 15, 2012

Good Economic News

Here are just a few of the recent jobs announcements that have crossed my desk in recent weeks:
Shoe Retailer Finish Line, Inc. plans to expand its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana and hire 327 people.

HCL, Inc., a provider of business and engineering services, will open a new facility in Jackson, Michigan, creating 300 new jobs.

Nationwide, Hyundai has announced plans to hire 877 people.

In Winchester, Kentucky, will open a new customer service facility, creating 550 new jobs.

Tube City IMS, a provider of scrap services, will expand its operation in Mobile County, Alabama, creating 68 new jobs.

In Jeffersonville, Indiana, Advanced Metal Technologies of Indiana, Inc. will locate a new operation, creating 350 new jobs.

Ameren Illinois, a provider of electricity, will deploy 78,000 new electric meters, creating 450 new jobs.

Insurance company MetLife has announced plans to hire 750 people companywide.

The Hyundai America Technical Center will expand its hot/cold weather dynamometer test facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan, creating 50 new jobs.

In Davie County, North Carolina, Ashley Furniture will locate a new distribution center, creating 550 new jobs.

Restaurant operator Chipotle plans to add 1,500 employees companywide.

In Louisville, Kentucky, Westport Fuel Systems, Inc., a provider of alternative fuel and low-emission transportation technologies, will open a new facility and create 40 new jobs.

Frontier Communications, a provider of telephone, television and internet services, will expand in Horry County, South Carolina, creating 110 new jobs.

In Montgomery County, Alabama, auto maker Hyundai will add a third shift and create 900 new jobs.

Enterprise Holdings, the auto rental company, plans to add 1,000 employees companywide.

Haggard & Stocking Associates, Inc., a distributor of engineered products, will expand its operation in Indianapolis, Indiana, creating 25 new jobs.

In Iberville Parish, Louisiana, SE Tylose, a maker of hydroxyethyl cellulose, will open a new facility and hire 30 people.

In Shelby County, Kentucky, Roll Forming Corporation, a maker of metals, will expand and add 30 new jobs.

Pentra Well Site plans to add 35 employees.

In Mexico, Missouri, Spartan Light Metal Products, a supplier of die castings, will expand and hire 42 people.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky will increase production at its Georgetown, Kentucky plant, adding 86 employees.

In Greenwood, Indiana, e-commerce firm One Click Internet Ventures, LLC will expand its headquarters and add 110 new jobs.

US Fibers, a provider of recycling services, will expand its operation in Edgefield County, South Carolina, creating 48 new jobs.

Nalco Company, a maker of dry polymers, will build a production facility in St. John The Baptist Parish, Louisiana, creating 22 new jobs.

In Toledo, Ohio, Ventra, a provider of parts to Jeep, will open a facility and hire 39 people.

In Franklin, Kentucky, New Mather Metals, Inc., an auto parts supplier, will add a new production line and hire 20 people.

PENNCO, Inc., a manufacturer of non-hazardous liquid ferric sulfate, will open a new facility in Middlesex, North Carolina, creating 10 new jobs.

SealCorpUSA, Inc., a developer of sealants and adhesives, will expand its operation in Evansville, Indiana, creating 35 new jobs.

In Chesterfield, South Carolina, Carolina Canners, Inc., a Pepsi bottler, will expand and hire 10 people.

International Paper will modernize its Bogalusa site in Louisiana and create 411 new jobs.

In Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Oil Field Manufacturing, Inc., a maker of various products, will expand and add 70 new employees.

Wilson Industrial Sales Company, Inc., a distributor of chemicals, will open a new facility in Rensselaer, Indiana, creating 15 new jobs.

In Alleghany County, Virginia, Balchem Corporation, a maker of animal nutrition and health products, will open a new facility, creating 55 new jobs.

CafePress, Inc., a provider of print-on-demand services, will open its new headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, creating 592 new jobs.

In Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, CSI Aerospace, a provider of aerospace products and services, will expand and add 75 new jobs.

In Plymouth, Indiana, food producer Zentis Food Solutions North America, LLC will expand its operation and create 67 new jobs.

Grocery Supply Acquisition Corporation, a distributor of grocery products, will expand its operation in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, creating 180 new jobs.

Total Jobs Announcements: 9,829

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  1. Wilson Industrial Sales Company, Inc., a distributor of chemicals, will open a new facility in Rensselaer, Indiana, creating 15 new jobs.